What is w0bm.moe about?

  • w0bm.moe is a modern open source WebM sharing platform.
  • We collect random videos from the internet.
  • We have a public GitHub repository, you are free to fork, clone and whatever you want, it's your choice. Fork Me!

Following shortcuts are available:

  • Press: R for random
  • Press: , D or L for next
  • Press: , A or H for prev
  • Press: or W for volume up
  • Press: or S for volume down
  • Press: F for fav
  • Scroll with your mouse up and down to trigger next or prev
  • Press: C to toggle the comment section
  • Press: SPACE to pause/unpause the video

Filter settings

Filter is now global and not logged in users will only see sfw videos

You can also set your own custom filters by clicking on Filter and then inserting the tags you don't want to see while browsing.


gachimuchi gay

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Our Mods work 24/7/365 for free and are basically just here to delete your reposts

Contact them if you need them:

Comment formatting

  • >mfw w0bm is nice :3 will become: >mfw w0bm is nice :3
  • !Pantsu Pantsu Pantsu! will become: Pantsu Pantsu Pantsu [ Currently disabled ]
  • *gg* or _gg_ will become: gg
  • **gg** or __gg__ will become: gg
  • ~~nope~~ will become: nope
  • `code` will become: code
  • --- will insert a line
    to seperate

Allowed sources for image parsing in the comment section

Filetypes: [jpg,png,gif] - Only secure connections allowed

  • https://i.imgur.com/
  • https://media.giphy.com/
  • https://files.nogf.club/
  • https://f0ck.me/
  • https://f0ck.cf/
  • https://f0ck.space/
  • https://files.catbox.moe/
  • https://i.sli.mg/
  • https://68.media.tumblr.com/
  • https://a.safe.moe/


safe.moe is owned by Alucard he hosts many of the images you can see while browsing through w0bm, he is a cool american guy, I can recommend to check out safe.moe, it's a fast and stable file hoster with no bullshit, upload and share, that's it.